In the U.S., perhaps the most important identity document is a unique number assigned to each person.  You must have an Social Security Number (SSN) in order for an employer to pay you, but you first must have work before you can apply for an SSN.

You must apply for your SSN at the Social Security Office in Springfield.  Our office will provide transportation on select Wednesday mornings, departing at 8:15 a.m.  Go to the form at this link to register for transportation.

Please make sure you have the below with you, otherwise you will have to return another day:

  • A signed letter from the Office of Student Work about the type of job, its responsibilities, starting date, and number of hours of work
  • a letter from a DSO (Designated School Official)
  • your passport;
  • your I-20 Form;
  • your I-94 Form (record of legal entry to the U.S., typically stored electronically when you enter the U.S., but you can retrieve it here:;
  • the completed application form which is pg. 5 of this document: Note:  On item 5, Citizenship, check the box “Legal Alien Allowed To Work”.