• Now is the time to apply for passports and start saving your money! 

  • Application deadline is November 1, 2023 (Except Hawaii BreakAway application - due September 8, 2023 and Utah deadline - October 1, 2023

  • Remember, ALL IC students can receive a one-time $1,000 BreakAway coupon for a trip of your choice. 

  • The Curry Award covers almost all expenses for an international BreakAway (dependent on cost of BreakAway)!  Qualifications:  never traveled outside of the U.S. and demonstrate financial need.  
  • There are also some additional funding sources (up to $500) for students who travel to a country where the language is spoken that they are studying (must have completed three semesters of language study) or where strong financial need is demonstrated.  

  • Also remember to leave room in your course schedule for one academic credit associated with the BreakAway course!


Which Hawaiian Island Suits Your Vacation Style? : Big Island Now Izumo Taishakyo Mission of Hawaii (Est. 1906) | Japanese-City.com  Running in Volcanoes National Park. Best places to run in Volcanoes  National Park How to Spend 24 Hours in Hilo, Hawaiʻi Island - Hawaii Magazine 

Coffee, Culture, and Community in Hawaii

January 2 - 11, 2024

Led by Professor Jackie Tabor and Ryan Flynn

Application deadline is September 8, 2023

Spend your winter break exploring the Hawaiian Islands. From vibrant Honolulu to charming Hilo, Hawaii is a nexus of unique cultural intersections with a global reputation. This program covers some of the best highlights of Hawaii including beautiful waterfalls, postcard-perfect beaches, and plenty of adventure!

Join us as we island hop from Oahu to the Big Island. Learn about Hawaii’s storied past and its diverse people, who, despite their differences, share an investment in Hawaii’s future amidst an ever-changing world. Hike active volcanoes, sunbathe at the iconic surfer’s paradise Waikiki Beach, take in an authentic Lu’au, explore a cloud forest sanctuary, tour the farms of the world-famous Kona coffee industry, and more on this incredible Hawaiian journey.

Credit: 1 credit course in fall semester

Estimated Cost:  $3,200 ($2,200 if using your one-time BreakAway "coupon")

Payment Schedule

  • $1,000 by September 15, 2023
  • $1,000 by November 5, 2023
  • $1,200 by December 5, 2023 ($200 due if using College BreakAway coupon)


Hiking the Public Lands in Utah:

Usage Policies and the Bureau of Land Management

March 2-9, 2024

Led by Professors Kevin Klein and T.J. Devine

Application Deadline is October 1, 2023

The red rocks of Utah offer an unforgettable landscape of history and adventure. Explore this unique region through recreational and instructional activities. Fully experience the area on faculty guided hikes through the Canyonland and Arches areas including the Needles Region. Experience all this and more as the group learns about the economics and politics of public lands and the fragility of the regional environment.

Credit:  1 credit course in spring semester

Cost:  $1,600 ($600 with one-time BreakAway "coupon")

Payment Schedule

  • $500 by November 17, 2023
  • $500 by December 5, 2023 ($100 due if using College BreakAway coupon)
  • $600 by January 5, 2024 ($0 due if using College BreakAway coupon)


 Visit Luxembourg City on a trip to Luxembourg | Audley Travel  Brandenburg Gate – Berlin.de  A segment of the Berlin Wall. Remains of Berlin Wall. Berlin Wall Memorial  | Stock image | Colourbox 

Disability Accessibility in the World Now and Then:  Luxembourg City, Luxembourg; Leuven, Belgium; and Berlin, Germany

May 13-27, 2024

Led by Professor Kara Dorris and Dan Stanfield

Travel and sightsee across Europe, visiting cities in Luxembourg, Belgium, and Germany that have earned recognition for their initiatives to be more inclusive and accessible.  You will discover how these cities design for disability through architecture as well as through social programming.  In addition to experiencing the current situation of disability, you will also learn about the troubling past that includes eugenics and experimentation during the Nazi regime.  From the past to the present, students will become aware of the constant exclusion and segregation of disabled people and, hopefully, be motivated to work towards an inclusive and equal future. 

Credit: 1 credit course in spring semester

Cost:  $3,150 ($2,150 if using one-time BreakAway "coupon")

Payment Schedule:

  • $1,000 by December 5, 2023
  • $600 by January 5, 2023
  • $750 by February 5, 2023 ($550 if using College BreakAway coupon)
  • $800 by March 5, 2023 ($0 if using College BreakAway coupon)


Photo of Shariden Kinkaku  Download the USJ app before you go   Sumo 100+ Tokyo Pictures [Scenic Travel Photos] | Download Free ... 

Becoming Interculturally Competent in Japan

May 14-26, 2024

Led by Professors Mizuki Wyant and (second leader to be announced)

Travel to Tokyo, Saitama, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima soaking in the culture and sites of Japan while developing your intercultural competency, a sought after skill in all professions.  This BreakAway will include opportunities to visit both local and international companies in the various locations to learn about workplace communication.  In addition, you will visit Universal Studios, a professional baseball game, and a sumo wrestling match!

Credit:  1 credit hour spring semester

Cost: $3,800 ($2,800 if using one-time BreakAway "coupon")

Payment Schedule

  • $1,000 by December 5, 2022
  • $800 by January 5, 2023
  • $1,000 by February 5, 2023
  • $1,000 by March 5,2023 ($0 due if using College BreakAway coupon)

Athens | History, Population, Landmarks, & Facts | Britannica   Crete or Corfu? Find Your Greek Island Escape | Marriott Bonvoy Traveler  Visiting Delphi from Athens: Highlights, Tips & Tours | PlanetWare  500+ Santorini Pictures [Stunning!] | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Greece: Crossroad of Empires

May 14-29, 2024

Led by Professors Adam Porter and Nancy Taylor Porter

Greece has always been a connector between Europe and Asia, a territory that European and Asian Empires have fought over for thousands of years. We will explore this dynamic while visiting Athens, Delphi (where priestesses received oracles from the gods), Olympia (the site of the original Olympic Games), Crete, and Santorini. We will visit ancient temples and marketplaces, theaters and stadiums. Greek cuisine has also been shaped by its location, which will give us pause for reflection as we dine on the country’s excellent food. Finally, we will get to marvel at some of the most dramatic and characteristic “Greek” landscapes as we visit the island of Santorini.

Credit:  1 credit course spring semester

Cost: $3,990 ($2,990 if using one-time BreakAway "coupon")

Payment Schedule:

  • $1,000 by December 5, 2022
  • $990 by January 5, 2023
  • $1,000 by February 5, 2023
  • $1,000 by March 5, 2023 ($0 due if using College BreakAway coupon)

Interested in going on a BreakAway?  Here is how to apply. 

(1)  You will need to access the TerraDotta online portal found on the single login page

(2)  If it is your first time on the site, you will have to "accept" some conditions and indicate your major.

(3)  When you get to the Welcome message, click on the "Find programs" button.  Then enter breakaway into the search criteria.

(4)  Click on the specific program that interests you.  Make sure it has the correct year!  Sometimes old programs show up.

(5)  Click on the Apply Now button (upper right above the program description).  This will bring you to the page where you will enter and/or upload all your information.

Three items that are required to complete a BreakAway application:

  • Your application essay.  (We recommend writing your essay in a Word document, then copying and pasting into the TerraDotta application)
  • Proof of a passport or passport application (for international BreakAways) or of a valid state ID (for domestic BreakAways).
  • Conduct reference from Student Life - you need to list dennis.schumacher@ic.edu

If you need to apply for a passport (or renew your passport - please renew if your passport will expire within six months of your travel dates), this is what you need to do:

(1)  Visit https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/apply-renew-passport/apply-in-person.html

(2)  If this is your first ever passport, you must apply in person and provide proof of citizenship, which is normally your birth certificate.  Locally, the only place you can apply is at the Morgan County Courthouse in downtown Jacksonville during week day work hours.  


Illinois College provides every student with a $1,000 grant (think of it like a "coupon"!) to use for one BreakAway trip because the College believes that these experiences are valuable for helping students gain a broader global perspective.  To claim this "coupon", there is a box to select on the BreakAway application itself.  You do NOT need to complete the funding application below to receive the BreakAway "coupon"

We understand that the remaining cost, which can range from $1,000 - $3,000 depending on the location and length of trip, is still a financial challenge.  There is additional funding for students who demonstrate financial need (based on information from SFS).  The Curry International BreakAway Award may cover the full cost of a BreakAway.  All students who apply for additional funding will be considered for the Curry Award (only one student per year selected).  Those not selected for the Curry award will be considered for up to $500 of additional aid based on either (1) financial need as verified by SFS or (2) advanced language study if traveling to a destination where that language is studied. Students may apply for additional funding for a BreakAway using the link below.  The application deadline is November 1st.

2023-24 Application for IC Funding of Graduate READY Experiences and Activities

Please note the following when completing the application

(1)  If you are taking a second year or higher language class in a language that is spoken in one of the countries you are visiting, you may be able to receive a language stipend of around $500.  Make sure to check the box indicating this on the funding application.

(2)  In your application essay, make sure to include the following

  • Explanation of financial need - state how much you need to make this experience possible and how you plan to pay the remaining cost.  Do not expect to receive funds to cover the full cost of the BreakAway.
  • Explanation of how you think this particular BreakAway experience will complement your area of study or help you grow as an individual.

If you have any questions regarding the application or what to include in your essay, please contact us in the Office of Global Programming.  We are here to assist you! 

Mission and Overview

The BreakAway program is an academic program that "offers students the opportunity to explore the nation and the world through brief educational travel experiences" (IC Faculty, 14 October 2002).  

Illinois College typically offers four-five BreakAways each year during academic breaks - semester break, spring break, or the start of summer break.  BreakAways can be either domestic or international and range from one to three weeks in duration.  Students receive 1-3 hours of academic credit, depending on the course content and length of the BreakAway. 

Proposing a BreakAway

To propose a BreakAway for the subsequent academic year (August - July), faculty should complete the BreakAway Proposal form and submit it along with the materials listed below by March 15th. 

  1. an explanation of the specific learning objectives of the BreakAway proposed and how those will be assessed.  Please also explain (with specific examples when possible) how this trip will fulfill each of the above stated overall learning objectives of the BreakAway Program; (see Section Four for additional information)

  2. a description of the BreakAway, including a detailed timetable/itinerary (If applicable, indicate how many miles of walking, biking, etc. will be covered each day.)

  3. details on the pre-travel course, including student assignments, such as readings, activities, papers, etc.  (Note: If this BreakAway is approved, you will be asked to submit a syllabus.) 

Decisions by the SABA committee will be announced by April 1st.

Please see the full BreakAway Policies document for additional information on Faculty Leaders Eligibility, Proposal Selection Criteria, Leader responsibilities and compensation, and other important considerations.