Community-Engaged Learning combines a student’s academic learning with hands-on practice that assists in addressing the needs of the surrounding community.



Guiding others in their personal, professional development and learning


  • Tutoring in an after-school program
  • Mentoring in a youth program
  • Teaching financial literacy in the greater community
  • Providing fine arts lessons to those who couldn’t otherwise access them
  • Coaching in a youth sports league


Creating awareness and inspiring action on an issue that impacts the greater community


  • Organizing a letter writing campaign
  • Hosting a voter registration drive
  • Leading or participating in a lobbying day


Gathering evidence, analyzing an issue, and informing action on issues that affect the greater community. (* Community-Based Research)


  • Conducting research for a nonprofit that will help them better serve clients
  • Working on a community needs assessment for a broad need
  • Assisting with water tests in a local restoration area


Working to address the needs of the greater community, helping those in need however you can.


  • Delivering meals to senior citizens
  • Working a nonprofit’s event
  • Sorting food at a local food bank
  • Walking dogs at an animal shelter
  • Painting a church
  • Hosting a blood drive or giving blood