Jessica Flynn                                 Colin Robinson - Student Involvement Coordinator

Dr. Jessica Flynn                                  Colin Robinson

Assistant Dean of Students                 Student Involvement Coordinator                   

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The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) Programming Team is a student intern group made up of Involvement Leaders that serve as Illinois College’s principal program planners for major student events and campus programming. The mission of the CSI Programming Team is to provide a diverse assortment of fun and safe events to entertain and engage students outside of the classroom. Their focus is on developing, planning, and facilitating quality events in collaboration with campus partners for the IC community. The activities are supported and funded by the students of Illinois College and act in response to the needs and interests of the student body with a primary goal of fostering campus community and unity.

The Center for Student Involvement Programming Team is led by a group of Involvement Leaders with an interest in event planning and student involvement. These interns serve as Involvement Leaders during Welcome Week and other transition experiences when they are not fulfilling their duties as Programming Team Interns. The interns lead, create, plan, and execute all events that come out of the CSI. If you want to gain valuable leadership experience, communication and marketing skills, event planning knowledge, improve your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, let us know!

Can't commit to being an intern, but still want to help? No worries! We'd LOVE to have you join the team. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact anyone in the CSI!

First-year and transfer students are welcomed and integrated into our living and learning campus community from the first moment they arrive on campus. All new students participate in an interlocking set of programs designed to help everyone make a strong transition to college life.

We want all new students to be prepared for the difficult work of college courses, to learn the right study habits and to get used to asking for help from professors. The First-Year Experience offers exciting events and focused seminars that introduce first-years to each other and to the College. The Transfer Student Experience offers transfer students an important view of how IC is a special institution and how they can make the most of their time on campus. Through these programs, students share common experiences, explore values, create lasting bonds and become valued members of our community.
Student Director - Austin Crawford


Student Director - Kendall McCalla


Programing Team Intern - Crystal Moreno

Programing Team Intern - Payton Dubberke

Programing Team Intern - Haley Nieuwkoop

Programing Team Intern - Elise Eyler